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 Gasthof Adler in the Black Forest G ***


Since 1790 our 'Adler' has been family owned. 225 years of tradition of Black Forest hospitality.


                                    Welcome to the "Adler"

When Max Egon II, Prince zu Fürstenberg, a good friend of Kaiser Wilhelm II, left his ancestral castle in Donaueschingen to go hunting for grouse here in Tennenbronn, his "dear Auerhahnbalz quarters ..." (as he himself wrote in a dedication) the Gasthof, zum Adler ', in Tennenbronn. That's the flair of the history of our house. Wilhelm Müller, the Saxon-Anhaltian poet, describes this mood in 1823, in his poem: Der Lindenbaum. Set to music by Franz Schubert, we know it in the adaptation of Friedrich Silcher, as a folk song, with the title: "At the fountain in front of the gate". It says: "... there is a linden tree: I dream 'in its shadow .... It moved in Freud and Leid, to him me always .... And its branches rustled as if calling to me: Come here to me, fellows, here you will find your Quiet'... ". Our Black Forest house with fountain and linden tree in front of the door, form an equal ensemble of security, as Wilhelm Müller puts it in words: It stands for relaxation, dreams, finding peace - in the 'Adler'. It is that certain something: the clash of tradition and modernity, the personal, life-affirming atmosphere of well-being in our house, which makes the 'Adler' so attractive, gives him princely honor and ensures the return of his guests. Today the 'Adler' is your refuge - close to nature, modern, ecological *). You will find your 'Adler', surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the world famous black forest for its beauty and its recreational value, right in the heart of our climatic health resort Tennenbronn.

We look forward to you!
Your family Reutlinger  
 *) Speaking of 'ecological' **): Take a quick look at 'Restaurant' and 'Hotel' and see how  you are spoiled in the 'Adler' with delicacies from the kitchen and cellar, in 100% organic  quality ** ). Ecology **) means for us the careful use of nature, a close to nature lifestyle,  which is reflected in the sustainable management of our hotel, without having to do without the  modern comforts.
**) legally protected terms.  
Our house is recommended by:
Guide Michelin, Aral Schlemmer (2 cooking spoons) - and Schlummer Atlas,  Varta restaurant guide, Slow Food gourmet guide, Southern country chefs.




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