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Our rooms

 In our guest rooms you will find peace and relaxation. In the bright, friendly

and gently milled spruce wood furniture breathes the fresh scent of the forest.

All rooms offer views of the center of the health resort

Tennenbronn and the surrounding hills of the Black Forest.


A charming opportunity offers our prince room. We have equipped it stylishly.

This room was once reserved for the Fürsten zu Fürstenberg, the in Tennenbronn

went on the grouse hunting. Today we will gladly book it for you so you can join

and can relax royally.


We only source electricity from renewable sources (hydropower), use only biodegradable

Cleaning agent, paper only with at least FSC certification and avoid packaging waste wherever only possible.
Thus, apart from our food and beverage offer in 100% organic quality, we make another contribution to the preservation of our nature.

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